About Laura's BNB

The 2018 farmhouse stands out, on the hill, surrounded by stunning fields. Riverrview farm grows beans, wheat and corn. The intimate chapel invites you to stop, and appreciate God given views. Most days, sunset and sunrise bathe us with fiery colors.

Laura, ecofriendly artist and chronicler and her partner, Sebastian passionate farmer and woodworker, are eager to share the bounty of this pastoral place, and their love for nature and cultures.

The deluxe ecofriendly Laura’s B&B made its baby-steps in 2022. A fully equipped kitchen completed the bright modern accommodation, perfectly suited for a group of 4 to 6 people.

Property Description

You enter the semi-detached lodging in its private entrance, on the front porch. You are very welcome to enjoy your morning coffee and much more on this deck.

Hang your coat in the corridor closet and take your shoes off. On your right-hand side, the open space lounge and kitchen welcomes you. On the kitchen’s counter-top, you’ll find the kettle, toaster, and coffeemaker. Wait, there’s a French-press, if you like it. One of the kitchen’s cabinet holds coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar and also: salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar. In the cold months, the purring woodstove awaits. Laura will show you how to keep the fire going if needed. You’ll find dry fire logs by your door, every morning.

The full bathroom is as large as the bedroom and its queen bed. Pamper yourself. At the end of the day, don’t miss the sunset on the bedroom deck, with a cold drink or your favorite hot beverage.

Anytime of the day, you may want to relax and rest in the loft. The bookshelf is stacked with all kinds of books in English and in French. This mezzanine also transforms into the second sleeping area. Just pull out the couch. Take the view in, once again.